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Step 1   Call for price


Inspection purchase, pre-purchase, insurance


This step consists of carrying out the inspection in addition to  100 points of the hull, electricity 12v and 120v verification of navigation devices, safety equipment and humidity test with the tool (Tramex skipper plus) and finally provide the market value the general condition of the boat  to the buyer or even the current owner of the boat



2nd step     from  from 125.00   
Computerized analysis engine

This step consists of checking the real engine hrs  and temperature alarms, cylinder cuts, a relative compression test on each cylinder and a computer analysis test to see if there are any engine codes.


Step 3.  Hourly rate 85.00  $ /  hours
Inspection and test on the water
Nautical rpm  inc. can also offer its services to new owners in the field of piloting, operation of electronic systems  and on the maintenance and test on the water  with engine analuse tools.




Rpm Nautique Inc. has full insurance with civil liability.

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