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RpmNautique inc. marine survey

If you need maritime expertise for your insurance a purchase  pre-purchase   a sale or to act as an expert in a  litigation, Rpm Nautique has all the maritime accreditations, but above all the experience to offer you  nautical advice .

To avoid trouble
Marine inspection










At your service for 20  years


The purchase of a boat represents a very important investment and  the way of inspecting and drafting the documents by some nautical experts often leaves something to be desired.


This is why, after many discussions and observations with nautical experts, Mr. Patrice Tourigny  has decided to add maritime expertise (Survey) to its services  for the Quebec region, Ontario and the  United States.


It is left to  the discretion of the buyer the choice to make an expertise and with whom. We you  we strongly suggest an expertise made by a mechanic and a marine inspector in order to obtain an informed opinion on the condition of the boat

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